Centrifugal electric pumps with two impellers


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Pump head ............. : 44,0 mt ÷ 90 mt
Delivery ................. : 3,0 m³/h ÷ 16,5 m³/h
Rated horsepower : 0,75 kW (1,0HP) ÷ 5,5 kW (7,5HP)


  • For domestic systems and small irrigation system pressurisation.
  • Handling of non aggressive civil and industrial liquids.
  • For washing systems and for insertion into complex industrial machinery and lines.

Design engineering

  • Sealed motor with external ventilation and finned aluminium alloy casing.
  • IP44 protection class.
  • Class “F” insulation.
  • Max. pumped liquid temperature: 35°C.
  • Versions:
    Single phase: 220-230V/50Hz with built in thermal protection and permanent capacitor.
    Three phase: 220-230V/50Hz or 380-400V/50Hz and 220-230V/60Hz or 380-400V/60Hz with overload protection care of the user.
  • Motor power: 1,0HP only single phase versions. From 1,5HP to 2,0HP single phase and three phases versions. From 3,0HP to 7,5HP only three phases versions.

Customised voltage and frequency rating available on demand.