TURBO LG 500-550-750-1000

Submersible electric pumps for costruction work site drainage


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Pump head ..................... : 26,0 mt ÷ 34,0 mt
Delivery ......................... : 30,0 m³/h ÷ 84,0 m3/h
Rated horsepower........... : 3,7 kW (5,0HP) ÷ 7,5 kW (10,0HP)


  • Work site, trench ducts and underground passage pump out.
  • Handling of moderately foul water with material and/or abrasive material contents.

Design engineering

  • Oil bath motor (biodegradable and dielectric) for cooling and bearing lubrication.
  • Double mechanical seals: engine face: oil bath. Pump face: water bath.
  • Permissibleeght of water: 20 m.
  • IP68 protection class.
  • Class “F” insulation.
  • By pass section: 10mm.
  • Max. pumped liquid temperature: 35°C.
  • Versions:
    Three phases: 380-400V/50Hz with overload protection care of the user.
  • Standard cable features:
    Three phases: 10 mt H07RN-F without connection plug.

Customize voltage and frequency rating available on demand.

Accessories available on demand:
  • Three phases electrical safety power supply box with automatic electromechanical floater controls.
  • Floater controls 10-20mt. electric cable.
  • Aluminium connection pieces .
  • Riduction from 4” to 3” (TURBO-LG 1000 T).