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These pumps are suitable for the handling of clear and light liquids such as water, petrol, diesel and all fuels, paraffin, alcohol, light chemical solutions, edible oils etc. and are the only hand pumps safe for use with very hot liquids - up to 80°C (176°)

Operation of the pump:
The pumps are operated by the movement of the handle wich causes the shaft and the wing piston, fitted with flap valves, to semirotate within the pump. Also enclosed in the body of the pump is the suction divider, fitted with flaps. Gland packing compressed by the gland ring and nut acts as a seal between the shaft and the pump cover. The standard model has threaded flanges and is supplied with threaded counter flanges. Two lugs facilitate the mounting of the pump to a wall or similar structure.

Casing: Cast iron
Internals: Brass
Shaft: Steel
Gland Packing: Soft graphite cord

  • The tapered internal body - this unique technological advantage assures automatic settlement of the wings in the body and guarantees smooth efficient operation aven after years of usage.
  • A frost plug - allows water to be drained if there is a risk of frost.
  • Thorough quality control - each pump is individually tested to a suction lift of 7 m of water and 20 m of delivery head.