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The NP pump is used in households for pumping drinking or service water without hard suspended solids, of a temperature of not more than 40°C. It is recommended to use the pumps in such localities where there is no danger of the water freezing in the casing, e.g. in a corridor or in a cellar. If the pump is installed out-of-door, it is necessary to dismount it for the winter or to protect it perfectly against freezing.

Operation of the pump:
The NP single-acting pump works so that is sucked under the piston by one upward stroke of the piston. During the other movement of the piston into the bottom position the water gets above the piston by the lifting of a valve and flows out through an outlet from the pump. During one stroke the pump sucks and lifts the water, during the other stroke it idles. This cycle is constantly repeated during pumping.

The stand body with the outlet, the pivoted cap, the balance beam, the plate, the piston parts and the suction strainer are of cast iron. The piston tie-rod and the joining parts are of steel.