About Us


ARVEN SRL was set up in 1994 thanks to the entrepreneurial will and capacity of Venanzio, Enrico, Marcello Grazioli.

Notwithstanding its short life, the Company has achieved a considerable development and a good start-up thanks to the thirty-year entrepreneurial experience of Mr. Venanzio Grazioli in pumps.

The ARVEN SRL company takes the lead in particular in the market of stainless steel submersible pumps thanks to the experience and know-how developed directly on the market with the help of a modern internal test room, thus becoming the point of reference in this sector.

Accurate design and implementation using the most modern technologies assure our products a high and constant standard.Our products are distributed on the market covered by the “QUALITY CONTROL” guarantee certifying that each part produced by ARVEN has gone through a series of controls required by the regulations and by international quality specifications.

Considering that we operate in a more and more global and competitive market, we have realised that one of our strong points consists of human resources represented by our collaborators.We also have a warehouse provided with most of the offered products and therefore we are able to guarantee a diligent and quick execution of each order in order to meet our customer requirements.