ARVEN SRL is one of the leaders in the market of ELECTRIC PUMPS and in particular of STEEL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS


ARVEN SRL, a manufacturer of ELECTRIC PUMPS, was founded in 1991 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and skills of the members of the Grazioli family, immediately achieving considerable development.
ARVEN SRL is one of the leaders in particular in the STEEL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS market, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the technique developed directly on the market with the help of a modern internal TEST-ROOM, becoming one of the point of reference in the sector.
The attention to design and continuous improvements, made possible thanks to the most modern technologies, consistently ensure extremely high results for our product.
Our machines are distributed on the market guaranteed by “QUALITY CONTROL”, a quality certification that ensures that every single part of the ARVEN product has undergone the series of checks required by current international quality regulations and specifications.
The company operates on an increasingly competitive global market and has made one of its greatest strengths consist in the representatives of our collaborators.
We also have a warehouse constantly stocked with the best-selling products, in order to guarantee an efficient and rapid processing of each order, to meet the demands of each customer.


ARVEN SRL has adopted a quality policy that has always allowed us to successfully pass all QUALITY CONTROLS (such as SGS), making our customers certain of our product; all over the world, the testimonies of our customers attest that the name ARVEN is equivalent of safety, reliability, quality and honesty.
Our purpose for the future is, as it always has been, to improve our SERVICE for the customer even more and above all to follow our guideline: to improve our quality more and more.


ARVEN SRL has its commercial and administrative offices in the industrial area of ​​Maclodio, south-east of Brescia in Lombardy, in the largest industrial district of Italy.
The production and warehouse are located in an area connected to the A4, A21 and E35 motorways, which allows a considerable possibility of expansion for new projects and productions, designed according to the needs of each individual customer.
The area dedicated to the warehouse allows you to store large quantities of items and related components with all the care and safety measures necessary to ensure optimal conservation.

A very important area of ​​the company is used for the computerized TEST-ROOM, where our specialized technicians carry out tests on sample products for each order or item created.
On the first floor, there are the financial office, the purchasing office, the commercial department, the supervision office of the President and the meeting room.
ARVEN is also equipped with an open space, where the loading and unloading phases of goods take place quickly, easily and in complete safety.

elettropompe arven


Our electric pumps have great operational advantages: the experience of our managers and the great professionalism of our technicians are at the top. Every application has great results on the final product, to meet the different and peculiar characteristics of each situation.

SAFETY: ARVEN electric pumps are each tested, and the customer has the possibility to request the report of the relevant test.
EASY TO USE: ARVEN electric pumps are extremely simple to use, both for technicians and private individuals. ANY RISK, thanks to the detailed and complete INSTRUCTIONS for use in different languages, is supplied with each individual pump.
POST-VENDITA: i nostri ottimi tecnici eleTtriciSTI e meccanici sono a disposizione del cliente gratuitamente


Un'azienda come ARVEN necessita di uno staff composto da persone individualmente molto valide, ma soprattutto dotate di un grande talento nel lavoro di squadra: questo è di grande importanza per noi e lo promuoviamo con energia, perchè ci permette di essere sempre pratici ed efficienti nel lavoro di ogni giorno.


worldwide – estero@arven.it

Italia – italia@arven.it