Centrifugal electric pumps with one impeller


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Pump head ............. : 20,0 mt ÷ 54,0 mt
Delivery ................. : 6,0 m³/h to 9,0 m³/h.
Rated horsepower : 0,37 kW (0,5HP) ÷ 2,2 kW (3HP)


  • For domestic systems and small irrigation system pressurisation.
  • Handling of non aggressive civil and industrial liquids.
  • For washing systems and for insertion into complex industrial machinery and lines.

Design engineering

  • Sealed motor with external ventilation and finned aluminium alloy casing.
  • IP44 protection class (R 50-75-100).
  • IP55 protection class (R 150-200-300).
  • Class “F” insulation.
  • Max. pumped liquid temperature: 35°C.
  • Versions:
    Single phase: 220-230V/50Hz or 220-230V/60Hz with built in thermal protection and permanent capacitor.
    Three phase: 220-230V/50Hz and 380-400V/50Hz or 220-230V/60Hz and 380-400V/60Hz with overload protection care of the user.
  • Motor power: From 0,5HP to 3,0HP single phase and three phase versions. customised voltage and frequency rating available on demand.